The booking terms are made for you (guest) as well as for us (Nordvall Mountain Guiding) to

create a clear understanding about our and your rights.

No more complicated than that – the terms are as following:

AGEAll our participants should be minimum 18 years old. Exceptions can be made

if accepted by us and the caregiver (written confirmation).

BOOKINGBy email ( The booking is not confirmed

until replied as confirmed and fully paid. Other agreements may apply, always in

written form.

PAYMENTBy invoice through email. Net 20 days payment.

CANCELLATION BY PARTICIPANTCancellation must be sent by participant and

confirmed by Nordvall Mountain Guiding through email

– Cancellation more than 2 months in advance – 500 SEK/NOK booking fee.

– Cancellation between 30 and 60 days before trip/course start. 50% refund.

– Cancellation between 0-30 days before trip/course start. No refund.

CANCELLATION DUE TO HEALTH PROBLEMS – Contact your health care and insurance

company. “Cancellation by customer” rules will apply.


cancel a trip or course if for some reason there are unsuitable conditions, too few

participants or health related problems that affect the trip. Full refund to participants.

GEARWe do not take responsibility for eventual damage on customers’ gear. All

borrowed / rented equipment should be used according to instructions from the guide.

If instructions are not followed a fee could be charged to the customer for damage on


INSURANCEThere is no insurance from us (Nordvall Mountain Guiding) that covers

you as a participant for health/injury or rescue. Participants should take their own

responsibility to check and sort out an insurance that covers the kind of activity you

are about to participate in.

CANCELLATION OF ONGOING TRIP/COURSEIf the participant is showing a ruthless

behavior, lack of necessary experience or somehow creates a danger for themselves

or others (Nordvall Mountain Guiding) have the right to immediately cancel the event

or change plans. If canceled – no refund will apply.

FORCE MAJEUREThe participant has no right to compensation or reimbursement if

the error is the participant’s fault or in exceptional / unavoidable events of significance

force majeure. Exceptional and unavoidable events that are beyond the organizer’s

control are, for example: serious security problems such as war, terrorism, serious

illness / outbreak of pandemics, natural disasters or sudden political or legal action

(such as changes in airspace, entry requirements, over which the organizer has no


PRIVATE INFORMATONWe only use your personal data for booking and invoicing.

The data is not collected and sold to any third party organization.

SAFETY INFORMATIONParticipants are obliged to read our safety information and sign the “RISK WAIVER FORM”. This will be sent out when booking is made. 

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